#kofxiii #evo2013 Team Japan Vs Melting Pot

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#kofxiii #evo2013 Team Japan Vs Melting Pot

First 5 on 5 matchup between the top Japanese Players versus a mix of players from 3 countries. We will get the names of all the players soon. Owned!! From Arcadeshock’s Streaming Room. FT5 MM, ET was first player on right, Yang Yao Ren stepped in after ET lost and cleaned house.

Team Japan on the left, Team Melting Pot on the right.

Team MP: Yang Yao Ren (Taiwan), ET (Taiwan), Karn (Canada), Mr Kof (USA), AS|Reynald (USA)

Team Japan lost the first time around and rematched Team Melting Pot a second time. This time, Team Japan substituted high tiered players into the mix, Koukou (who didn’t play in the first set), but once again, Yang Yao Ren (who shook his head in disgust of Reynald’s lackluster performance) and ET took over and carried Team MP to victory.

Nevertheless, the matches were exciting and quite entertaining. Special thanks to the Japanese players for stopping by and Woo for taking everyone’s money in the MM’s.

I suspect the 1P is (JP) Sange

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