KOF XIII SE Makes Console obsolete?

SNK Playmore’s community manager Y2 took to the internet today in order to make an announcement about the upcoming King of Fighters 13 Steam Edition. According to Y2, the gameplay for the PC port will be the same as that found in the arcade version of the game, King of Fighters 13 Climax.

The arcade iteration contains balance changes that were made past the console KOF13. Y2 goes on to confirm that the user interface, menus and configurations will be that of the Xbox 360 version.

Below is the official statement.
King of Fighters 13 Steam Edition will be a fusion of KoF13 Climax and the Xbox360 version of KoF13. The gameplay of KoF13 SE is based on KoF13 Climax. The UI, menus, and configs are based on the Xbox 360 version of KoF13.

Read the full article at Eventhubs


thx to Jahmere For the tip

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