Final day for #yatagarasu crowdfunding

There are less than 24 hours to go. Hotapen need around $3,000 to break the $100,000 crowdfunding goal, making it the most successful ever!


And there are still incentives for everyone to help out!  The game is already funded so every donation over $10 will get the game plus early delivery!

UPGRADE your donation

If you donated less, you can UPGRADE your donation!

Thanks to all who have contacted us regarding how to upgrade the contribution and perk level. Perk upgrades are gratefully received and will be applied in every case! Here are the steps to upgrade your contribution:

There are two ways to upgrade:

1) Send a PayPal payment in the amount of the balance to the upgrade to and in the message section leave a note confirming which perk you’d like to upgrade to. (For ease of tracking, please use the same PayPal account as your initial contribution.)

2) Use the ‘Contribute Now’ button on the IGG page, select ‘No Perk’ and contribute the amount of the balance to the upgrade, then either leave a note in the Comments section confirming the upgrade or send an email to to confirm the upgrade.

In either case, please be sure to leave a note confirming your upgrade as above, but will also review all contributions for multiple payments and follow up with any contributors who have not confirmed their upgrade to make sure everyone gets the correct perk.

THANK YOU to all upgrading their perks!!

Vote for the new character!

There are still votes pouring in for the bonus characters!  Add a contribution, then send an email with your vote!

The 3rd and 4th new characters will be decided by voting by backers. Backers: please send an email to, with subject “Vote” in the subject line and include your name, contribution amount, and character you would like to vote for (Nene, Aja, Qadl, or Chiriakuta) .

Share to win!

4 Campaign Backers WILL Be Awarded Yatagarasu AoC Custom Fightsticks! Details of How to Get One!

As of NOW, the conditions to receive our Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm custom controller perks have changed and 4 campaign backers will DEFINITELY receive a fightstick each!


The fightsticks were originally set as $5,000 level perk items, but we have now decided to award them to the top 3 highest contributing backers, regardless of the contribution amounts. To clarify: the contribution amounts could be lower than $5,000, but whoever is in the top 3 contributors at close of the campaign will receive a fightstick.

In addition, 1 lucky person will be randomly drawn and win a fightstick from our Referrals Contest. All you need to do to be in with a chance to win is share the campaign via the IndieGogo share tools (LOGIN TO INDIEGOGO, THEN CLICK ON SHARE)! In addition to the fightstick, 10 lucky referrers will win originalYatagarasu T-shirts! See the below update on our referral contest for details.

To recap, these are strictly limited edition fighsticks created especially for the Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm crowdfunding campaign, made by the world-leading controller makerMad Catz, and featuring exclusive, original art by Yatagarsu / Mushihimesama artist KOTANI! Only 5 will ever be made, making these rare and unique items from this important point in time for the Yatagarasu series.

There are only 21 hours left in the campaign, so get contributing or sharing to win!


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