THE DEAD OR ALIVE 5 TUTORIAL – 12 – TAG MODE (Feat. Emperor Cow)

Part 12 of the 12 part tutorial series for DOA5.
Featuring commentary by myself “Emperor Cow”.

This video is meant to explain the ins and outs of Tag Mode and highlight the main differences that set it apart from Solo mode. It also explains some features that are unique to tag mode such as Tag Canceling.

The following topics are covered:
– Overview 0:35
– Tag Inputs 2:08
– Tag Canceling 4:52
– Tag Air-Juggles 5:50

(For the record, All the guaranteed setups shown in this video were possible in previous versions of the game without the need of the Ver. 1.03A glitch)

I hope you find this video both entertaining and educational.
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IT IS DONE !!!!!!!

I would like to send a special shout out to everyone that helped make this series possible. and an extra special shout out to everyone else who supported the project by liking, favoriting, spreading the word, commentating, or just simply watching… This series is my gift to the DOA5 community.

Thank you all again!!

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