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Cafeid 3v3 Replays

   FGC News ,   July 15, 2013  2 Comments

You may have read about this if you were on the twitter or facebook (btw I’m looking to bring back another chat – it was removed because it wasn’t compatible with an upgrade).

Cafeid were running 3v3 with high stakes – $100 per team!

You’ll get to see players really warmed up and (slightly) less stressed. Some truly insane high level play from the best in the world. GRUDGE MATCHES GALOREEEEE.

Here are some replays.

Watch live video from cafeid on TwitchTV

Watch live video from cafeid on TwitchTV

More at the channel of course!

Thanks to RaisedbyFinches for the reminder!

LOOK MAN, Kim’s CROUCHING B needs to be nerfed. He can combo from so far away!!!!!

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