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VxG EU Qualifier TBC

From WGE:


I like to announce things when details are all in place, however on this occasion I need to get the details out there for the benefit of the players ASAP.

I will be running European Qualifiers for VxG. We will be sending one player for SSF4 and one player for UMVC3. Flights and hotel covered.

It will most likely be held in London – I was looking at Paris that’s pretty much not going to happen now. So I want people to be able to save some money for travel etc.

If it is in London and you are coming from elsewhere, the most cost effective option for overnight stay will be the Generator Hostel – it is a VERY GOOD hostel as well (I’ve stayed in the one in Dublin).

Both tournaments at VxG have $14,000 in prize money with $6,000 for first place. More details here when everything is confirmed.

When is VxG?

25-28th July 2013, St Maarten.”

VxG tournaments/prize pools

Total Prize payouts
Fighters FPS
Persona 4 Arena $ 3,000 Halo 1v1 $ 3,000
Tekken Tag 2 $3,000 Black Ops 1v1 $ 3,000
Injustice: Gods Among Us $3,000 Halo Teams $ 4,000
Street Fighter Cross Tekken $3000 Black Ops teams $ 4,000
King Of Fighter 13 $3,000 $ 14,000
Smash Brawl $3,000 Sports
Smash Melee $3,000 FIFA 13 $ 3,000
Mortal Kombat 9 $8,000 NBA 2k13 $ 3,000
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 $14,000 Madden 2013 $ 3,000
Super Street Fighter 4: AE $14,000 $ 9,000
Other side tournaments $6,000

This may or may not be confirmed but if it does, there’s going to be a hell of rush to win that flight to St Maarten




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