P4U Netcode Test / Yatagarasu First Impressions

I tested the PS3 version (digital download 6GB) with Professor in Tokyo. We had .5 sec input delay, but damn, it’s playable. Remember that’s France to Tokyo. It can only be better for playing against someone in the same country.

Note that it does the same thing as Blazblue by seemingly being all slow before the round starts, then goes smooth. DON’T SKIP THE ROUND INTRO.

We tested the netcode for KOF96 to compare, and it’s about the same input delay! If you didn’t know, KOF96 has AWESOME netcode. Unfortunately, KOF is still too fast to play properly, but at least your moves work and the game is smooth!

P4A has the advantage because the moves are on the whole slower (more startup frames of animation). It’s really good.

We’re looking at May 10th for the EU release date. To be frank, I’m not that worried about being six months behind the rest of the world, I’m just not going to accept matches from outside EU hehehehe.

I’m not going to take this game seriously. I’m going to play it for fun, with a pad, in my bed, mashing the A button for auto combos. It’s great fun!!!!

Here’s the pre-order bonus…  Lots of people asking this, so just want to confirm – the pre-order edition is available at ALL retailers across the EU/PAL territories. Wherever you pre-order, in whatever country, you’ll get this version.

persona 4 A U pre order

Yatagarasu First Impressions


It’s 3S, but with an arguably better system, but visually less flashy.  Seems like a truly hardcore game, need to play it some more… The grappler just seems a bit too generic though…

http://ricedigital.co.uk/store/yatagarasu Out now for £7.99 (can be purchased in dollars too!)

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