Weekend Streams from Mexico

There were several streams going on this weekend in Mexico….

Starting off with some casuals from Monterrey Javi (top player Smash player) was tearing it up in some friendlies on KOFXIII, SFIVAE, and other games over at:


Later Culiacan Sinaloa had a tournament as well with high level players such as Khanibal, Millon, Marin, Chulo, Excelancer, and Pako…. All very solid KOF players and SFIV players… Some even known in the KOF circuit in Mexico


(still going on live now)

Finally… straight from TJ we were gonna have Tijuana vs Mexicali… But Mexicali bailed out so instead we are having an all TJ tournament featuring players like Archie, Koopa, and Polly



stream powered by Team Lago


have a nice weekend


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