New Challengers Invasion (Connecticut)

Why would we publish results for a local event? Well in this event it had none other than PachuKOF…. Bala’s sidekick back in the day when he was living in NYC… Pachukof has recently placed top 8 in big tournaments in the East Coast, definitely a player to watch out for in the radar…

Keep in mind this tournament had a stream, but the people runing the tournament don’t ¬†have the option to save archived streams, the results:


KoF 13 (17 entrants)

1. Pachukof
2. Marco Polo
3. Merkilo
4. LazieFreddy
5. Metal Face
5. Rashikal
7. Dynicksty
9. Carmine Prime
9. Zeal
9. Monikae
9. CP
9. Groovy Mango
14. Garou Mike
14. Eighty
14. Half Emtpy
14. Mindgame

KoF 98!!  ($1 Single Elimination)
1. PachuKof
2. Marco Polo
3. Garou Mike
3. Carmine Prime
5. Rashikal
5. Amir
5. EMP Hiro
5. LazieFreddy
9. Monikae
9. Half Empty
9. Dynicksty

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