Interview with Mazinkaiser

Here’s an interview that took part before WGC, hopefully part 2, that came after WGC, will be posted later.


G: Hello! This is Gunsmith from, can we have an interview with the Italian team coming to WGC?
M: Hi Gunsmith, of course you can. What you need?

G: Hi MazinKaizer, I think I remember you from WGC last year?
M: Yes, that was me!

G: Why did you go?
M: Because I love fighting games, what else?
G: You were teamed with The Answer in the 2v2, how did that happen?
M: In early 2012 just a few people played kof xiii in Italy. At that time our Arcade Centres were history so the console is our only chance to play, and online sucked so the offline community was growing slowly. So I started looking a partner for the 2vs2 on foreign discussion boards. I found the Answer and I met him which was alone a truly nice experience and I had a lot of fun with a foreign (and skilled) teammate, I really hope to do again the mexitaly team.

G: What was your favourite moment of WGC12?
M: Fox’s performance was really impressive and that was the first time I see the true power/cheapness/godlike/whatever of Mr Karate, and I also liked a lot MR KOF’s character knowledge.
G: Is that why you are back this year? (You are back, right?)
M: Mhhh I’m back because I love competition @WGC, but this year unfortunately I can’t attend on Friday because I have to work, I’m a programmer and we have a delivery right on 1st March, so the days off for WGC are screwed. But I will be there Saturday and Sunday.
G: Is anyone else coming with you?
M: A lot of Italian players! This year Shirl is attending too on KOF and he is good, and also Master Jimmy, who is an old name here. But a lot of other newcomers are joining the kof battle, keep an eye on MakhBeth, MrWolf and Pups.
G: We saw that Italy has the biggest seeding points so far, how many people signed up for the qualifiers?
M: Not really too much, around 8 ~ 16 ppl at best with around local and regional events distributed in three months gap but we travelled to fight each other.
G: Ah, so one player won more than one qualifier! I see!
G: How is the popularity of KOF compared to SFIV in Italy?
M: SFIV is indeed more played in Italy, in past year we got around 30~40 ppl for the national event which we feel is quite good for a country where only football counts!
G: What games are the Italians entering at WGC?
M: Almost everything I think, the last time I checked we have some good entries on VF5 and SCV, best wishes to my mates.
G: We heard the big news that Italy is in the 5v5 (KOF or SF? Both?) It seems Italy is looking to make a big impact on the global scene.
M: Of course both! Like I said there are a lot of entries this year! I placed 4th/5th two times at KOF in our Cannes seeding tournament è.é but that’s it. Instead I’m doing well in SF4 so let’s see. By the way of course I’m also in KOF Solo so let’s see.
G: What’s next for Italy? EVO? Tougeki?
I really want to attend to EVO also, we have a Road To Evo in Italy (Milan) so the chance is there. I already went to Tougeki! I went to Japan in summer 2012 for my personal holiday (I already said I finally have a job? Hurray €.€ to spend and travel) and I took the chance to enter! Obviously it went really bad eheh IMHO Japan is quite a different level… every damn day they can go to the local Arcade and get a truly high competition, yes every day… I envy them a lot but also really enjoyed doing it. I’m thinking of a new trip this year.

Thanks to MazinKaiser for his time and we’ll have more news on the AEX Dream Fight 2013 up next!

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