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So the PS4 has been announced

   FGC News ,,   February 21, 2013  4 Comments

With the 720, or whatever it will be called, to be announced later on this year, what does this mean for tournament organisers, and for you, the players?

Financially, it’s a huge setback. If XIV is released on the PS4, tournaments are going to be very sparse, unless you know many people who can afford a new high tech console and are willing to carry it to an event (remember how heavy the original ps3 is?).

And of course, players need to have the console in order to play the game. With very little chance of the game appearing in the arcades, player support may be slow to start. Consider the popularity of the xbox due to its price.

It will be a title that drives people to buy a console, not the tech. On the other hand, we can only hope there is no more of this inherent lag and there is a good VGA connector. Again the xbox was best in this regard.

The PS4 is slated for xmas 2013. I didn’t buy a ps3 for at least two years after it was released in 2006.

Remember KOF titles were still on the PS2 so I wasn’t forced to upgrade. Let’s see if the pattern will repeat.

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