CONFIRMED Kensouzzang / MadKOF / Poongko #WGC2013

Welllllll CafeId didn’t wait for the donation drive to finish – they have just booked their tickets!!!  Poongko is training RIGHT NOW on KOF XIII!

While in Paris, they will be staying with me, so if you want to hang out and visit the Eiffel Tower etc, contact me!

They will also be dropping by Dubai and hanging out with our very own YamaZaky Geese, so get in touch if you want a challenge, on AE or KOF.


  • 27 Feb Paris
  • 28 Feb – 4 March Cannes
  • 4- 7 March Paris
  • 7 -10 March Dubai

Did you book your tickets to WGC?  It’s not too late.

Will we get to see this match up one more time?  Not to mention it is very likely Tokido will be back… possibly with Mago, Fuudo…  IT’S GONNA BE SICK!!!!

bala mad kof

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