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Voice Actor Yukichi Furore

“POWAAAA Harrasement” , posted Sat 1 Sep 04:24:
The top KOF13 Terry player in Japan has become the biggest news in the anime industry this week, but not because of his ‘ARE YOU OK’ gaming skills. Hell, he even became headline on Kotaku.

Mitsuhiro Yukichi (you can see him play against Tokido here) works his dayjob as a professional voice actor. In fact, he became a voice actor because of his dream to one day do a character in KOF– talk about being a hardcore fan. He’s already in his 30’s but so far he hasn’t had his big break yet, living off on minor roles.

And as everyone knows, small-time voice actors are treated like crap.

In Yukichi’s case, he was humiliated to the pulp on broadcast thanks to an idiot producer at Kingrecords who thought that lying to him about getting a role in a new anime would be funny, and the harassment continued…

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