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Speak Spanish? Love KOF?

You remember KOF: Kyo right?  That RPG that we all wished we could play but didn’t know enough Japanese.

There’s a team of translators working on translating THE WHOLE GAME from Japanese into Spanish.

Once that is done, translating the game into English should be pretty easy.

It’s still hard going, and many hands makes for quicker completion.

If you know Japanese and speak Spanish, you can help out!

Here’s Blue Blood explaining about the project:

“Well, I think that subject talk by itself, however I’d like to share with you some details about this Project.
KOF Kyo Spanish begins on March, right after one of our translators saw my own translation of the end of KOF Kyo Manga. Then we two said ¿Why not?
Since that moment we have been learning things about rom hacking in order to create a patch for this marvelous Japanese game that never was translated before.
We are now more than 5 people translating and editing the game and we have achieved more than 20% of the total translation of the scripts.
Besides, we have also translated menus, like memory card save/load menu, sound test menu, the cities maps and even all attacks in BATTLE MODE.
I leave you here a little video, made by one of our followers in Facebook page:


And now, a couple of pics:


Well, this is a little sample of our work.
I’m currently working on a new video, taking the original one, and improving the quality of many images and animations. Of course I’m adding new stuff.I promise you a better sample next time.

Last, but not least, we are always looking for new members for the translation staff.

I know that this is a Spanish translation, but consider the possibilities. Once translated into Spanish, there is just a little jump from that to an English translation. We have the tools, the knowledge and also the good intentions to an English translator in a not far future.
Please let me know if any of you is interested in joining the KOF KYO SPANISH STAFF sending a Private Message.
Please forgive me for my English. I did my best in this message U_U

Thank you very much for watching!*wink*

Check out the project thread here.



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