Proving Grounds 3 Results, Report and Videos

You can see all the matches for the other games here


Proving Grounds 3 was the best yet. Nothing I can think of that makes this not the best organized and facilitated event series in the UK. Individual events this year that top it are probably Hypespotting, but this looks like an ongoing series. Not too sure if KOF will still be supported in upcomning events as ppl are reluctant to enter by the looks of it, but will still try and go if they are.

1. WW|MCZ|Ryan Hart
2. ON|Giga D
3. TKO|Supa

Prizes, 1st got a stick + free entry to i46, 2nd place got Triton heaphones. Cost went above entry fee could cover so there’s more reason to enter. Despite less players, one thing that stuck out for me was finally getting a long set of matches against one of the better players. Me and TKO Supa went for a FT10 with 10-2 to me but some matches were his to win if the combos weren’t dropped. I asked Ryan for a ft10 but that didn’t work out. I asked for casuals he said “allow that”. *shrugs* Hopefully I’ll get a FT10 with some ppl at i46, but I’ll only be there for Sunday.

The matches are quite funny, mainly because of the mistakes made that cost me some matches. One in the winners final, huge life leads then silly mistakes (some moves didn’t come out iirc) and got caught by that 90%. Getting combos is one thing but you don’t have to hit confirm it when in raw HD mode which makes it more dangerous. All legit wins so can’t complain about them. More or less the same thing as a previous tournament where I was put into losers than almost came back with a 3-0 streak. Looking forward to next one despite probably less entrants.

Could be that ppl *have* to stay over in order to play Marvel and other games maybe so my suggestion for the next PG is if they can schedule the events so that the Scottish players can catch their last trains aswell so it could be an option for everyone to turn up without overspending on hotels.

See you at i46!

Sales Notice

Here are some items I want to get rid of. Might aswell abuse any free publicity. Can meet in central london or an event – next upcoming event is i46. So if anyone wants one of these let me know (email: )

I have included the rrp’s to give u an idea on prices and what I’m looking for at the end.

A few ppl won these, £45 on amazon (£60 according to Triton website). Never opened new. Already have Sennheiser’s so don’t need this.

New Unopened Fightpad is going at around £26 on ebay. The Hori V.X. underneath is sold so ignore that.

V.S. Edition fightstick. Box opened only to inspect, brand new. Goes for £120 + postage on ebay.

Looking for for £80 for v.s. stick. £15 for fightpad, £30 for headphones. Can meet in central london or an upcoming event.. Any interest feel free to email ( ), prefer to simply meet up than post, esp big heavy items. I don’t do paypal, only Bank Transfer or meet up.

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