Artists! Make some $$$ at i46!

Updated with Vice Artwork – confirmed to be one of the final designs.

Are you a budding artist? Want to get your work out there?  How about getting it seen at the biggest gaming event this summer and make a few bucks at the same time!

We’re looking for art that could go on the official T-shirt for i46 (final design subject to change).

Dimensions: Ideally your art must be around 1600 pixels wide (some of it will underlap the logos and text). 175 DPI.  The full size of the printable area is 2100×2100 pixels.  Remember that a lot of this is being taken up by text and logos.  The character must be alone and have a transparent background.  It does not have to be a full portrait.  Check out the current template below.


The artwork can be of ANY Fighting Game character.  Instead of Yuri (pictured) we want YOUR artwork.  You don’t have to make a new work, as long as it’s a FG character, it’s good!  For every t-shirt we sell, you get £1. We will send the total after orders are complete via paypal and possibly bank to bank transfer (UK only).

Any accepted work will go straight onto the T-shirt and up for orders.  IMMEDIATELY!  There is no sole winner, we can sell as many different T-shirts as you can make!

You can grab the template here – but it’s not final.

Post a reply here with a link to your image, or email it to!  Do not send in any copyrighted art or altered wallpapers.

DEADLINE: 14th August

What are you waiting for?  Fame and fortune (hopefully) awaits! Don’t waste this opportunity for mass exposure!

PS. If your community is attending i46, send me your logo!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Design may change at any time.
  • Orochinagi reserve the right to refuse any work for any reason.
  • All logos used are copyright and used with permission, if you want to use these logos for your own work you must seek permission first.
  • Do not submit any copyrighted artwork!
  • Payment will be made to artist after i46, after all monies have been received.
  • Payment will be made via Paypal or BACS and receiving party will bear any charges.

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