Romance is really busy for another round of questions, but check out this crazy match vs Mago at CEO!!!  Well, kinda.  The stream ran into problems (a certain catchphrase comes to mind :p) but you can regret not being at CEO to witness hype moment #13…

Watch live video from teamsp00ky on TwitchTV

The Interview below is about MLG

Hi Raymond, congrats again on placing 3rd.

We all saw the ending to your first match with Tokido. How did you feel after that?

– I felt ok even though I lost because it was a new style and a really smart (good) player! But I was so sad for my execution because it wasn’t really good that day!! I saw new stuff like never before. 

While you fought your way through losers, was it on your mind?

– in my mind was too much stuff but I knew I could go far IF I played smart, I knew I had to play a lot of good, really good players but if you don’t lose your mind you can go far, doesn’t matter how far it seems

When you were about to fight him again, what were you thinking?

– when I was about to play him again, it was something that I really wanted, something I was really waiting for…. I was sure I learnt his play style so I felt good to play him a second time 🙂

How did you feel after you beat him?

– it felt so good, like one of the best revenges ever..!! (in a good way) 😉

Lol! What was his weakness?

– I would like to save his weakness for later :p

Do you think he’ll learn from this and be stronger at EVO? Or do you think you know him well now?

– pretty sure he will learn cuz he’s one of the best players in the world, so smart and he noticed what he was doing wrong ..!

What have you got to say to people who think Benimaru is not top tier?

– sure Beni is top tier he has many tools you can use and for me it’s the main rason he is top tier.. many useful tools 

What makes Benimaru top tier?

– good hd 2 meters, air grab, command grab with fast recovery, good normals, one of the best DP, his hair and more…  lol :p

Your Yuri is incredible, perhaps the best I’ve ever seen. Will you keep her for EVO?

– thankz for the nice comments about my yuri…  and of course I will use her at Evo but with more tricks and stuff… 😉

What tips do you have for the people who want to learn how to play Yuri?

– any question or tip about yuri or any character just pm or tweet me @itzromance it will be a pleasure help any one or share with almost every one! 😉

Thanks to vVv|Romance and we wish him the best!

You can see the replays of Tokido vs Romance, along with other matches here:



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