Well, let’s thank our major donator, Abdullah Al Jodi, first and then everyone else who donated to send me to EVO, and then, let’s thank me and you for thinking, nah… let’s send a player instead.   Wait.  Wut?  I’m not going to Evo?  ….

Well, in that case, let’s not just send one player, why not send two of our best:

Frionel and Fox!  (By the way, these two are no longer in the same pool at EVO)

Frionel won the road to Evo and has now, with our help, bought a ticket!

Fox has had a huge contribution from Arcade Street and now just needs a bit more!

Send your donation to

Any more donations made to me will be used to buy tissues to wipe up all the salty tears while watching Evo.

And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten, raffles will take place on the next Show :3


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