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DUDE! 2ND!!! AAAARGH. Still, congrats are due!

I got lucky enough getting 2nd. I threw a “Hail Mary” playing against both BALA and Romance because I wasn’t performing the way I wanted. 

So… How did that training go? 

The training itself went very well and I will continue to be on the same routine going into EVO. My training didn’t get to show until the very end, and even then that was only a sliver of it. I will take the necessary steps before EVO to make sure I’ll be at close to or if not 100%. I can’t expect to win with only having practiced “seriously” in 2 weeks. Coming up with new techniques and applying them continuously is hard work.

Did you get a chance to play Tokido? 

No I didn’t get a chance to play Tokido. He was definitely the strongest foreigner that came to the tournament. 

Was it difficult for you to get the Friday off?

Fridays I’m off from work. I usually work Saturdays but I was lucky enough not to have work on Saturday… Although I did have to wake up at 8 a.m. to be at work right now answering these damn interview questions! 

Is there anything besides KOF that you are looking forward to at EVO?

Hmmm looking forward to something else other than KoF, at EVO? Being in Vegas of course! 

Which foreign player would you like to play against?

I would like to play with all of them and none of them. I like having a new challenge, but I haven’t seen any videos that made me say “wow”. I’m sure there will be plenty of surprises for me at EVO and I’ll make sure to train for the unknown as well.|Mr.KOF

Dear John, what is going on with you? 

Hey Gunny, I just happened to be working 50 – 60 hours of week without getting any practice in. This is the first time I’ve never placed at a Major tournament and it has been a wake up call for me.

Do you think Tokido will be a bigger threat at EVO or do you think the US players have downloaded him?

As for Tokido I am surprised and happy that he placed 4th. By EVO i would predict he may be sent to losers IF he runs into one of the many SoCal players who’re on the same level as he is.

There are now even more NEW faces coming in, from other FGCs, including Trophy Club. Am I right in guessing most of these players are doing well because of their great fundamentals but will lose against the old guard due to lack of experience?

There may be new faces in the FGC such as TrophyCup but I wouldn’t really worry about them unless they can produce consistent results in placing at tournaments or winning in general. I’d say old school KOF players have a slight advantage over the new faces. But remember we have players such as AS|Reynald who isn’t from a KOF background and yet he is doing so well because he’s just that fearless.

You’ve been to Europe and played Fox and Frionel, and now you’ve fought against Tokido, is there anyone else you’d like to play against?

Playing FOX and Frionel during my stay over Europe was more fun than serious. Those two could become SoCal Top level if they were to have constant good level competition. Also, I haven’t personally played Tokido yet. I do look forward to playing some new faces during EVO whether the opponent is low or high level. I just want to show them the true essence of Mr.KoF.

Everyone has levelled up, so what’s the plan?  Are you going to change characters for EVO?

I am planning on going for the win for EVO. I will change my roster up of course. ASH will be a main part of my team….the question is which of the SIX new MAINS am I going to dedicate myself to?


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