#GOD12se Day 1

Got to be quick, as day 2 is here and I need to fix my stick.

Fears of the KOF community dwindling were unfounded.  The online sign ups were pitiful, something like 8 registered.  However, a whole ton of people, including myself turned up and registered on the day.  According to some people, the French don’t like registering!  Or perhaps it was because there was no early bird discount.

At any rate, there was around 20 people for the 2vs2 tournament.  This isn’t huge of course, but it shows KOF isn’t disappearing any time soon, in France anyway.

Got some meet some cool dudes that I’ve met online including BigNog, Chocobotiger, Washiniku and Raphy from kofproject.fr, Tom Sawyer, JPKOF, Med Fleed, and of course CCL, Rickyo95, Frionel, Salim, Tahar and Fox.

Some tactics that got me baffled: UltraYox being very annoying with Kensou’s sweep.  It’s not the traditional fireball > sweep > fireball pattern.  Then there was a next guy using Duo Lon.  I remember some French dudes on the stream in Japan commenting that Tenkawa’s Duo Lon wasn’t strong.  Having now played both the French and Japanese Duo Lons, I have to agree that the French version is stronger.  I might just have to get some of this on tape.

Fox has improved, and it’s a sticky situation when you have to attack a Ryo that is ready to DP anything that moves, and isn’t doing anything else.  It’s a matter of waiting for that short range fireball and managing to roll > grab.  If you don’t have a grab, what are you going to do?

Tom Sawyer has also been training and it seems Mr KOF is quite the hot topic over in France.  Mans is on the menu blad!  He gave them a taste and now they want the full course!  Hopefully we will see a road to Evo winner fly to Las Vegas to see who will eat who!

I picked up Hwa and tried out the very common tactic of drink pink > dp D anything > qcb B x3 > qcf A > qcfx2 BD.  It’s astoundingly easy.  While I’m still deciding whether to swap out Clark for Mr Karate, the latter has combos which are easy to mess up if you don’t have precise inputs.  Hwa’s is a piece of cake.  Saying that, once you bait Hwa succesfully, he’s combo meat.

They don’t have a burger stand here, but they do serve massive baguette sandwiches!!!  On a health note, because I didn’t smoke or drink coffee and simply drank lots of water, I didn’t feel jumpy, dizzy and managed to sleep without any nervous agitation or psycho heart palpitations.  Something to consider, if you’re getting old and your body has taken too much of a battering over the years!

So today will see the Road to EVO, and many revenges will take place after today’s battles.  I got one or two wins here and there but generally got messed up pretty bad.  Saying that, the download has begun and by the end of the day I was getting close losses rather than near OCVs ^^

Controversy moment! The Maxmode Orochinagi team were playing KOFProject, and Gunsmith defeated Kaito but during his match with Washiniku, the stick disconnected. Had to get another stick, which we didn’t realise had been re-wired so when we started and I pressed two buttons to roll, this instead activated BC mode.  Tried to continue bla bla bla lost, best excuse ever, la la la la.

Make sure you follow @MaxmodeTV to know when the stream begins!

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