Ratio Tournament at SJC 23rd June

Prof posted the following:

The first KOF13 Climax tournament is taking place in Japan on June 23(Sat) at Shinjuku Carnival. There’ll be recorded, not sure if a stream will be available (probably will, URL will be posted when available).

Maximum limit is 6 points. You can pair any sort of team as long as you’re within the limit. This ratio chart puts character usage population into account.

5 Mr.Karate
4 Normal-Kyo, Flame-Iori
3 Saiki Benimaru Hwa Shen Claw-Iori
2 K’ Kula Duolon Nests-Kyo Leona Andy King Kensou
1 Ash Elisabeth Billy Daimon Joe Takuma Mature Vice Kim Yuri Raiden Ralf Clark Mai Chin
0 Athena Terry Maxima

It seems like whoever made this ratio chart didn’t put too much time into it and it’s already getting criticism. There’s some characters in Ratio 1 that are too powerful to belong there even if they’re not often used by people (Daimon, Chin), and also some characters that noone will use if they’re Ratio 2 (who’d use King if you can swap her with Daimon and Kim, for example).

If you remember the stream schedule for Carnival, the stream should be on the usual ustream channel.

It’ll be interesting to see Mr Karate paired up with … Athena and Joe. Otherwise he’s pretty much banned. It’s nice to see some character changing being forced but for tournaments over here, would you want to see the same ratio enforced?

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