ON Commentator Awards 2012

Annnnd da winnaaaas rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

If you remember the poll we ran a while ago, well actually, there were two. One on the KOF13 Tournament players group, and one here

Now, or rather, then, in the KOF13 group, which is predominantly American, the results were as follows:

Metaphysics came top, scoring 24 votes, with Tasty Steve coming in second, with 21. The group had around 220 members at the time. Metaphysics is known for his sound technical knowledge while Steve is a whole lot of fun.

When it came to the public vote, the results were very different.

Interesting stuff eh? But it’s the Internet vote that counts, right? RIGHT? Congrats to our top two, Juicebox KOF and The Answer!! This combination of hype and technical prowess have made an indelible mark through their MLG broadcasts.

The question now, is who will be our spokespersons for EVO commentary?

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