The Runbacks

From Level Up, as posted by Alex Valle:

The hype train continues with back to back fighting game action!  Introducing ‘The Runback’, every Thursday nights start off with The King of Fighters XIII!  KOFXIII has been making some serious noise in today’s tournament scene and we’re proud to showcase it on our Season 2 lineup.  Next, the headliner game on The Runback is none other than the king of hype – Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  The community can now enjoy primetime fighting game action with Marvel every week on Thursdays!

The Runback Ranking Points Thread:

Season 2 – Road To EVO 2012

We’re happy to announce SRK/EVO will be sponsoring both WNF and The Runback for Season 2! That means the overall champions for AE2012, SFxTK, KOFXIII, and UMVC3 will now receive EVO seed points! Season 2 begins March 28, 2012 at 9PM PST every Weds and Thurs on .

Attendees need to arrive by 7:30-8pm.  Tune into tonight, tournament should start around PST


Let’s see who’s levelled up.