MLG|NCR|HS Mar 2012 Results


  1. ON|Giga D
  2. MCZ.WW|Ryan Hart
  3. Heicko

If you can’t wait for the HD replays, you can check out the Twitch archives and KOF final 4 start at 3:18:31.

Here are the grand finals between Ryan and Giga D (you may recognise someone on commentary) – again you could just wait for the HD youtube uploads, coming very soon.

Giga D’s report:

Venue was top notch, on the first day the event stayed open up to 1a.m. since it’s a hotel it also had great facilities at hand. Other hotels nearby were easy to get to too with a nice shopping district nearby.

Travelling to Glasgow wasn’t as bad as I thought, was expecting it to much more uncomfortable than it was.


Early saturday morning few ppl were there but it would get real busy real soon. This gave me a chance to take some photos of the place. I liked to the number labels given to setups, this made it easier to tell ppl where to go. Brackets were written on the wall too so entrants can see where they were and there were plenty of staff to handle things.


Geese Howard locked in a stick.

They had -free- face painting, ppl were telling me they didn’t know it was free so they didn’t use it, the results was great and an awesome idea that made the event unique. Heres “The Janitor” rocking his Hulk mode:

Chunkis and next mans also travelled all the way to Glasgow, raah. I think he won 3rd strike.


Well bwoy 1st place ennit. Duo Lon needs more combat experience, but I still picked him more times than I should’ve. Was very weird adapting to that Clark ambiguous roll, I think that was a big factor in making it very close. Will have to see what can be done about that. During group stages it was funny watching the same thing being done over and over. I don’t Kowaru was too happy about that and neither was I lol.

Winners Final was more hype than the Grand Finals heh.

Big shouts to the staff that did the brackets everything ran well and fast. The level of players was impressive I think “VS BigFool” and one or two more could probably hang with many London players. I think Bigfool has won some regional events up there.

We happened to get 20% off at a very nice Indian restaraunt on Sunday after winning too 🙂 

All I know is that recently fellow ON members Cristina got blown up in France and Michel got eliminated straight away in a double elim at MLG. . . so bwoy, if I lost that would mean all of ON would of come off within a week or something. So had to take a trophy home for the team and with nothing major coming for a long time I can put my feet up and go on bad. yaaaana ‘mean.

Major League Gaming

1. IGL|B.A.L.A. (Billy/Clark/Iori, Billy/Iori/Shen)

2. eLive|Mr. KOF (Andy/Ash/EX Kyo, Saiki/Mr. Karate/Shen, Ash/Kyo/Shen, Ash/EX Iori/Shen, Raiden/EX Iori/Mr. Karate, Benimaru/EX Iori/Shen)

3. vVv|Romance (Yuri/Benimaru/Saiki)

4. AS|Reynald (Saiki/EX Iori/Benimaru, Saiki/Kim/Kyo)

5. CMD_DUC (Mr. Karate/Benimaru/EX Kyo)

5. Justius (EX Iori/Shen/EX Kyo, Shen/K’/EX Iori)

7. EG|Justin Wong (Athena/King/Benimaru)

7. Lil Majin

Full Brackets

There are some videos floating around youtube right now, but I’m not sure what MLG’s policy on stream rips are as yet, so …. these might get removed.

Update: yes, naughty naughty, MLG doesn’t like their stream being ripped.

Go to and get yourself a membership!

Here’s an interesting view of the scene from Gamespot

and then another recap from

Watch out for Juicebox and Bala using the Answer’s stick, which still has the ON sticker on it (we’re so proud)!


1. TC|Chris KOF (Shen/Duo Lon/Iori)
2. TC|Yoshi (Billy/Hwa/Shen)
3. FC|NYChrisG (Kyo/King/Benimaru)
4. CCG|Air (EX Kyo/Saiki/EX Iori)
5. TC|TheBeast (Billy/EX Iori/Shen)
5. Laban (EX Iori/Benimaru/EX Kyo)
7. TDO (Kyo/K’/Iori)
7. coL.CC|Combofiend (Maxima/Takuma/Ralf)

sourced from SRK

You can catch the full replays from

*snip* :3



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