WGC Singles Top 8

You can see the live brackets as they are played out here


Just click on the 8 “poules” to see how the fighters are progressing.   At time of writing:

  1. Mr KOF looks to be heading to the top of his group.
  2. Frionel should be top of this group unless there is some hidden talent I’m not aware of!
  3. Fox and Tom Sawyer battling for top position here
  4. Salim should cruise through this group.
  5. Kenpachi is duelling with Maxmode’s Youssef, the winner going on to meet The Answer at Semi Finals
  6. RF is currently going up against 2pac at semi finals
  7. Maxmode’s Pharaon has defeated last minute entrant Tokido but may have to face him again as it is double elimination!
  8. The infamous Luffy of SFIV Rose fame is going up against Rayden for top spot

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