American? Like your Internet? Sign this.

Can’t hurt to sign it, might give corporations a bit too much power over fan websites if you don’t.

The Whole SOPA thing is never going to threaten orochinagi, we don’t do things that damage the company.  The problem lies with giving a company the power to decide what is good for the company.  Let’s imagine SNKP has a new president that goes insane and decides that orochinagi is a bad influence, if SOPA/Protect IP passes, they could say “remove everything from your site that contains SNKP material”.  If these new laws pass, I’d have to do it and replace all the artwork with doodles of characters that look kind of like KOF characters.  Not the end of the world, we did start with text after all, but it wouldn’t be as pretty.

Anyway, that scenario wouldn’t happen, I don’t think it’s a really bad thing if the law passes but it does mean that if fansites were ever to disagree with the company, they can get dealt with very quickly.  It’s an extreme case but do you want to live in a world where a big corporation can knock you out that easily?

Go look at the video, decide whether it’s all hype or not; send the letter to your senator.

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