Atlus Tutorial / Gamespot Video

An introduction to KOF XIII by Aram and Metaphysics, telling the newcomer about the King of Fighters, the general format, the style of play, the modes in the game, styles of character, a real introduction for your obsessive friends who are still playing Modern Warfare 3.  So, do the right thing, and quietly post this around, get people acquainted with the name, and drop hints at what would make a good christmas present…

You know, guns don’t kill people, haoshokokens do.

And if that whets their appetite and you can’t wait for part 2, don’t forget we have our very own tutorial right here.  Or watch the video below.

Now if you’ve been keeping an eye on KOF-UK, you’ll have seen this missing video of the Semi Finals from MCM Expo.  Where was it uploaded?  On Gamespot’s official Youtube channel.  KOF XIII is getting major mainstream love!  Please go over there and like the video to show Gamespot how awesome KOF is, even though they seemed to have dropped the fantastic commentary, which would have given it far more hype *cough cough*.  If you would just want to watch the video, check it out below:

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