Backlash Results

Quite simply, it was decided to abandon the tournament and get down to some training. And this could possibly be the best thing for the community. There were little sessions at events but this arguably needs to be the focus. Training sessions… The Orochi Dojo?

Here is a highlight video from ustream where players discuss using Andy and King:

Venue review: The White Bear

Homemade burger - recommended!


The White Bear: being out in West Ruislip has its benefits: less crowds, less noise, less bustle.  A clean, new venue with good catering, a decent upload speed for wired streaming and notably massive chicken burgers! The projector screen was great but sunlight may be an issue… all in all, a good choice for smaller events (two setups on the stage might be a little cramped) with an accessible garden for the smokers and excellent cider.  Thanks to Ben and Jackie for hosting us.




The full footage is here (below), with some matches featuring ZeroNiiro, Bullet Proof, Shoju, Gunsmith, Shin Dragon and Giga D. Kusogaki was in attendance via the online chatroom and Rickyo95 also helped out with some advice. Arrendir (sp?) from Elive Pro also visited the live stream.

oh and using Ustream without Adobe Media Encoder is not advised.

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