The ON Show

Good day ladies and germs!

We’re going to try out something new this weekend – if you’re around Monday 00:00 GMT come join us for a chat, the best bits of which will be put into ON’s first podcast.  I’ve set the time as late as possible to accomodate for our international friends.

Simply visit ON’s channel at


If you want to join in the chat, you just need a mic and a ustream account! Msg me on the chatroom and we’ll bring you in!

Possible Topics:

  • Where to get Shermie porn
  • Which KOF is the best
  • Why SFIV has a really good system
  • The best KOF system
  • Which anime are you watching right now
  • What to play when not playing KOF
  • Which RPG is the best

etc etc

Should be rather good fun!  Come join us!

Wishing you well,

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