I am shattered!  Lots to write up and do.  Here’s a quick summary.

The Good

  • All XIII slots in the 16 man tournament were filled, so there was no problem with the no shows (told you to join the reserve list!)
  • Bata vs Salim on 2002um
  • Meeting more old skool and new skool around XIII
  • Hokuto bringing XIII to London!!! OMG!
  • Being prepared with all names and times etc all written down
  • Everything ran on time (sorry Rockstars, you won’t get away with it when I’m running the show)
  • Crowd reactions to XIII + finals

The Bad

  • Getting swiftly booted out at 8pm
  • Saying goodbye to XIII
  • I left my camcorder power cable at the venue (luckily the Dragons picked it up).
  • I can’t count the times people knocked my portable hard drive with their joystick…

The Ugly

  • Only having one laptop to capture one setup
  • Having to enter the XIII tournament having not played at all (that day… *cough*)
  • The Dragons giving up their places in the XIII tournament because they had to run SFIV.
  • I didn’t visit the bathroom the whole day.
  • Not hearing my phone.
  • MichelS abusing all the beginners at XIII and then winning… should have banned him 😀
  • Turned off my laptop to leave, got home and found it still on with the message “waiting for program to close”.
Street Fighter? You just stepped into the wrong part of town...

It was a really good event, especially as SFIV had it’s own room, far far away from us and the lolicons (i.e. Blaze Blue players) 😛  The Anime Convention was quite interesting and had some cool cosplayers who wandered in, nearly had a situation there with over excited lolicons… anyway, great turn out, the UK Exclusive showing of XIII got good exposure.  I need to clone myself though, it’s still a bit too much for one guy to handle, special thanks to ZeroNiiro and MichelS for helping out.  The Dragons were very supportive, good working with you guys.  Thanks to Bullet Proof for being lively and having a nice sports car 😛

As for videos, here’s the first match from the setup B/group B round robin stage.

If there’s anything I can do to improve this format, let me know, I feel partially concussed!

Giga D vs Jerome


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