WGC 2011 KOF XIII update

“Tous les jeux que nous avons annonc?s pour le WGC dont KOF 13 seront disponible en version arcade le jour J.
Tous les gros titres auront au moins une borne en VS attitr?e durant les 3 jours de l’event pour garantir un freeplay non stop.
La version ou le nombre de bornes suppl?mentaires, ca sera juste la cerise sur le g?teau.”

Which translates as:

“All the games we announced for the WGC including KOF 13 will be available in arcade version on D day.
All the major titles will have at least one dedicated versus cabinet during the 3 days of the event, to guarantee non-stop casual play.
As far as the version (number) or any number of extra cabinets are concerned, that will just be the icing on the cake.”

This still doesn’t confirm whether KOF 13 will be the patched version or not but it means you can book your tickets safely…

Orochinagi will now be meeting to discuss best ways to kick ass….

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