KOF XIII 1.1 @ Vs Dojo in Paris, France

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KOF XIII 1.1 @ Vs Dojo in Paris, France

   FGC News   November 6, 2010  No Comments

The Future is Now (or something like that…)

“The VS Dojo is proud to announce it’s first OCCIDENTAL Exclusivity!!!!!!
(Yes, you guessed it, it’s even bigger news than European bragging rights! lol)

KOF 13 Version 1.1 is here at the Vs Dojo. No more bugs or dirty infinites.

And what’s more, I can say for certain that it will be the next KOF at Tougeki.

All that for the crazy price of ?50cents/credit (it will be free at the WGC).

XIII Practice Mode Time: 7 minutes (Again VS Dojo rules, it probably become be a bit shorter due to the obvious queue…)

XIII is available right now, everyday 10.30-19.30, on an HD cabinet at the VS Dojo! Go for it!

For those of you who can’t make it during the day, be advised that the
game will also be available every weekend at our colleagues arcade: The Mythik, with
freeplay settings (until end of November)!

Thx Kurama10GU!

Check out http://versusdojo.com/ (french) for directions etc