Did you waste your money on 2k2um 360?

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Did you waste your money on 2k2um 360?

   FGC News   November 6, 2010  12 Comments

Hmmmm as a KOF fan, you have my sympathy.

You should leave a comment with your country, state, town and ID so someone in your area can offer you a challenge.? You need people nearby otherwise it’s a lag fest.

I can divide up this list, should it get messy.

You should also check the news 2k2um forum thread for people near you, although you might not be able to read past the netcode cussing.? Note that a lot of pro SNK sites are giving good reviews,? are you suprised that we didn’t?? We don’t want you to waste your money.? We want SNKP to listen, we want good netcode.


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