KOF XIII @ So Cal / Los Angeles

This upcoming weekend in Los Angeles Level Up Series (lead by Street Fighter Legend Alex Valle) is holding a major fighting game tournament. They’ll have your Street Fighter, Tekken and the like, and Capcom will be there with the TGS build of Marvel vs Capcom 3.

The big news for Orochinagi member is that they just announced they will have King of Fighters XIII there.
http://shoryuken.com/f7/socal-regionals … ost9750388

No word on if there will be a side tourney for XIII, but if enough KoF fighters show up and we make a big enough roar we could get some real attention for KoF and possibly get this game shown on the SCR live stream. I’ll be in attendance competing in the Street Fighter tournament, but while I’m there I will try and convince Valle to either have a high level KoF first to 10 match on the stream with some of the best KoF fighters or a side tourney that will have finals on the stream.

So if your free this weekend come out and show your support for KoF. See details on SCR on their website http://www.socalregionals.com/

As posted by ON clan member Kapwan – If you are in the area and you want to boost the?KOF scene, just turn up and watch.? That’s all you have to do!? Say hello to Kapwan and please give him some support, whenever he plays!

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