KOF XIII KCE Season 2 Videos

Kyoudai tai KCE season 2, har har. I’ll replace these with youtube links once someone uploads them.

note : The vids where recorded on september 29, so that means that there are still bugs and infinites in them.

Since pretty much everyone all over the world is going to be posting these vids all over the place shortly; as “a seller” I certainly think that it wouldn’t hurt to have a little exclusive edge when it comes to these vids, so I’ll explain the battle system a little (I should have done this in the first place way back on the first vs event, har har).

Basically, the objective this to have the best out of “10 points” between these 2 teams (the word used is “total” (in counting)) . The girls have 5 members and the KCE have 4, so to properly split those “10 points” everyone in the sisters will have 2 points, while half of the KCE will play 3 and the rest will get 2; with that settled match ups are to be created and then they’ll fight. The scoring board they show you prior to the fights show how many “tries” / “points” out of the ones that each player have are left, each time a player lose they get a point deduction and with zero they are obviously out of the game. They also added a bonus twist to it, where you can get a bonus extra life (by getting wins, I think?) or accidents where you will get deducted one of your lives (I’m not really sure of when these happen though).

vid 01 :: vid 02 :: vid 03

vid 04 :: vid 05 :: vid 06

vid 07 :: vid 08 :: vid 09

vid 10 :: vid 11 :: vid 12

My personal favorite for this batch was Alice and his wonderful Athena. Not only he gave pretty much everyone trouble, but also made it look like Athena has the game most fun to do yet also useful combos and also got most of the wins for his team (heck, he pretty much dealt with KCE by himself this time around)…. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see these kyodai vs KCE on the 1.1, since the KCE seems to be relying too much on Raiden and Mature.

At the end of the fights, they promise a “revenge match”, along with the presence of the KCE players that couldn’t assist to this event during this time around, so we better be on the look out for season 3 of these VS fights.

– Toxic Avanger

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