KOF XIII 1.1 Patch Results

-Hwa Jai’s outofscreen bug, Vice’s throw glitch, and Ralf’s NeoMax bugs are fixed. Throw escape bug for Mai is apparently still present.

What this means: People can safely pick Vice without having to worry about being banned for freezing characters in mid air.? The throw escape bug for Mai isn’t game breaking.

-Infinites (Mature, Joe) are gone. However, infinites limited to character pairing (Kim vs Takuma, Iori vs Mai) are reportedly still present.

What this means: Bye Bye Mature!? Will she be any good without the infinite?? Now we’ll see.? As for character specific infinites,? these are obviously a disadvantage but with pair ups like that, it’s actually more rare in tournament play (which counts the most) due to tiering.? When the pairups are all within a tier, then you’ve got problems.

-Meterless EX for Goro and Takuma are fixed.

What this means: No more free skanks.? I really wondered if they were going to keep at least one “bug” for Goro and Mr Karate…

-Raiden eats damage when his anti-air throw trades hits.

Oh well, no big deal.

-Roll HD is gone.

There go those combos.? No big deal.

-No character balance changes, meaning Raiden still has his drop kicks and the GCDK is present, K’ still has his same Jump D, etcetc.

Uhhhhh this is the most serious issue that we thought SNKP would deal with.? Raiden can still turtle like a bitch and then kill you with two dropkicks?? Not sure I like this.? But then again, even SFIV has “cheap” characters.? Boxer, anyone?? Will you ragequit when you see Raiden online?

Apparently SNKP had to go out and swap the HD of every arcade.? Considering they can now update those HDs they collected with a new patch, at least the only cost for the next one will be delivery and installation…. Well let’s not hold our breath.? The game should be playable now, with complaints consisting of Raiden and tier whoring.? Good!?? Now let’s have that console release!

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