2k2UM KCE Matches Highlight: Mature

If you’ve just bought 360 2k2um, welcome to high level play!? .. But you should have waited for netcode reviews…

1P’s Hinako is nasty enough, but what I find interesting is 2P’s Mature – arguably little risk with the HCF A, almost spamming it! Mature’s strategy involves trapping the opponent with qcf hcb P and you’ll see what happens when they try to jump – e.g. Mature hits them with jump CD.? Only problem is that there is still an element of guessing – the opponent could just block, afterall.? One thing to watch is how the opponent is standing – if they are blocking they can’t walk backwards like in XIII, they are held in block animation.? If they are getting ready to roll or jump, they will be in standing animation.


Note also how Mature uses jump B to break guard of a crouching oponnent;? uses of her c. C as anti air; hcf K into DP and a sweet BC combo from stand B… Giga D will want to have a look at this!

[ More here ]

ps. Happy Halloween!

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