Ichiki plays KOF XIII again


Skip forward to 3:15 for gameplay.

Watch out for … Kyo’s full screen Neomax used as anti fireball.? Terry cancelling his burn knuckle into rising tackle into… what?? Ryo’s instant cross up hop B.? Ryo using stand A as anti air (lol this confirms classic KOF play is back).? Kyo’s 10 hit EX DP. Some classic Clark gameplay, just without the reaction time to take advantage; without the ranged grab to finish when the opponent starts blocking.? Tut.? To be honest both players aren’t really good, but better than some of the spamming seen on current youtube videos.

7:45 …. er… still a few things to fix there…

8:56 – looks like a good Raiden set up – low B, low A, hcf K. Then hop splash crossup… but he?needs to run a little.? Possibly low C is a good anti air, and could follow up counter hits with dwn back fwd P.

9:30 – Ryo’s Drive cancels! OMG! Zanretsuken –> hishienkyaku –> DP.? Sweet!

10:22 – I haven’t seen anyone try out Ryo’s DP juggle.? If this was XII, he could have landed another DP there…

11:03 – Kensou’s flying elbow attack! Someone’s been studying Athena’s attacks…

11:15 – Kensou looks to have slow startup but fast recovery on that fireball… things are going to get nasty!

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