NGBC 360 New videos: character select screen / gameplay


SonicTempest posted these videos on the 22nd Jan, but now they’re on youtube, it’s much easier to post and discuss…

In the next video, you get to see those HD remix sprites in action.? Without the actual remix of course.? We also have a video of all the achievements you can get, thanks to redsnk02.


Gameplay looks intact, although it’s not easy to judge from the frantic/scrubby level of the players.? I wonder if they are using shortcuts or just spamming the controls… a couple of MS execs perhaps?

Upon closer look, the sprites do look pretty tasty, none of those blocky pixels, so it’s gonna look great on a HD TV.? Note, the playing area seems to be extended due to the widescreen format!? Arguably, this will have an effect on gameplay – as keep away characters have more distance to play with.? Only actual play will prove this.

All the winquotes seem to be translated so far, and well, unlike that pitiful XI release.

Here’s the video for the achievements you can get, just to keep you playing, kinda essential these days eh… just a shame I can’t use my ps2 sticks on a 360 without having to buy an adapter plus a wired 360 controller.? Ugh.? I’m sorry, the 360 pads are awful.


Thanks to Tamayak for the reminder!

Edit 1st Feb: Yuki Yagami just posted this gameplay promo vid, so you can have a look at the other characters in action, with their smoothy smooth sprites…


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