Nouveau Defi Prologue 2009- USA vs. Northern Mexico Results!

Nouveau Defi Prologue 2009: USA vs. Northern Mexico Results!

First off before you ask, what is this event? This was a top secret project me and NeoPenny have been working on as a international gathering/tournament event between the finest players in Northern Mexico and the USA. It was an experiment of sorts and the next event will be a full fledged tournament no questions asked that will be open to the public.


KOF 2002 Neo Geo:

Between Alexis from CD. Juarez, Mexico and Joelle from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico…to be determined…

1st- Reynald (AI-USA :Lost to Mr.KOF in Grand Finals, Won Grand Finals!)
2nd- Mr. KOF (AI-USA: Lost to Dark Geese, won in Losers Finals, Lost to Reynald in Grand Finals)– From Losers Bracket, believe it or not I put him in Losers Bracket (Then he came back to beat me in Losers Finals 3-2 in a close ass match! Good shit John!)!!!
3rd- Dark Geese (USA/CD.Juarez, Mexico: Lost to Reynald in Winners Finals, Mr. KOF in Losers Finals)
4th- RJ (AI-USA: Lost to Reynald, Mr. KOF)

DISCLAIMER: Tone/Omerta wants everyone to know this is the first time THEY are playing he game (KOFXII).

Anyone wanna sell their 360 version of KOFXII, Tone says he’ll buy it (Gene also!)

Now to the other stuff: Plenty of exhibitions going around with a lot of shockers and upsets so much I am sure everyone is pretty much convinced THE UNITED STATES TOP PLAYERS ARE EQUAL WITH NORTHERN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exhibition Results (Currently in progress):

US vs. Mexico Garou MOTW:
Kane9999(CD. Juarez, Mexico) wins 3-1 Will Update with Rematch Plus Money Match.

Okay first thing first, Alexis from CD. Juarez challenged Mr. KOF in games ranging from 98 to 2002 and the end resuilt was:




Mr. KOF vs. Danny (Chihuahua, Mexico) in 98, 2002, 2002 UM:
98- Mr. KOF wins 5-0.
2002- Mr. KOF wins 5-1.
2002 UM- Mr. KOF wins 5-0.

RJ vs. Tone KOFXI ft5:
RJ wins 5-4.

RJ vs. Kane9999 part I: RJ wins 3-0.
RJ vs. Kane9999 Part II: Kane9999 wins 2-0.
Mr. KOF vs. Kane9999: Mr. KOF wins 4-2.

KOFXI tournament in progress…

Garou MOTW US vs. Mexico Rematch:
Omerta (El Paso-USA) vs. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, Mexico) REMATCH: Kane9999 wins 5-3.

Tone vs. Kane9999 Rematch: Kane9999 wins 3-0.
Kane9999 vs. RJ The Final Rematch: Kane9999 wins 3-1.

KOFXI Results:
1st: MR FUCKING KOF (AI-USA: Lost to Kane9999, came back and won in Grand Finals!)! Yes it took blood, sweat, and tears, coming back from Losers Bracket after Kane9999 beat him in Winners Finals 3-0!
2nd: Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, Mexico: Lost to Mr. KOF in Grand Finals 2x 4-3, 4-2)
3rd: Dark Geese (USA/CD. Juarez, Mexico-Lost to Mr. KOF, Mr. KOF)
4th: RJ (AI-USA: Lost to Kane9999, Dark Geese)

KOFXI Exhibitions and Casuals:


EVO World 2k9 Rematch: RJ (AI-USA) vs. Tone! (NorCal-USA)-

Tone! (NorCal-USA) vs. Fory (CD. Juarez, MEX):

KOFXI Casuals:

Dark Geese (CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX):

Tone! (NorCal-USA) vs. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX):

KOF 2002 Casuals:

Mr. KOF (AI-USA) vs. Danny (Chihuahua, MEX):

??? vs. Hugo (CD. Juarez, MEX):

98UM Casual- Omerta (ELP-USA) vs. Reynald (AI-USA):

Enough for now..more to come gotta do some things..

Alexis (CD. Juarez, MEX) Challenged Mr. KOF (AI-USA) in KOF 98, 98UM, 2002, 2002 UM, and KOF 2000. Here are the individual matches, but before that why on youtube? Because they both said they wanted it on youtube!

KOF OG 98- Alexis (CD. Juarez, MEX) Wins 3-2.

KOF OG 2002- Alexis (CD. Juarez, MEX) wins 3-1.
(Dont have the other vid sorry)

KOF 2000: Mr. KOF wins 3-2.

KOF 98 UM: Mr. KOF wins 3-0.

KOF 2002 UM: Mr. KOF wins 3-0.

KOF 2000 Rematch (Told not to be recorded)- Mr. KOF wins, don’t know by how much.

Thus that bring us to Mr. KOF winning 4-2. But it was even for a very long time, and I think overall they both are evenly matched.

Here are some more videos: This time Danny from Chihuahua, Mexico challenged Mr. KOF in OG 98, OG 2002, and 2002UM.

Here are the results plus vids:

OG KOF 98: Mr. KOF wins 5-0.

OG KOF 2002: Mr. KOF wins 5-1.

KOF 2k2UM:

More KOFXI Exhibitions:

Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Tone! (NorCal-USA)

Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. RJ (AI-USA) Exhibition #1:

Exhibition #2- (RJ-Player 1 vs. Kane9999-Player 2)

Kane9999 (CD. Juarez,MEX) vs. Mr. KOF (AI-USA) Exhibition #1: (No these are not the DVD exhibitions, we have one for the DVD believe u me!!!! If you were there its the last Exhibition between those two that was godlike!)

Exhibition #2-

Garou MOTW USA vs. Mexico Exhibition 2009 (Kane9999 wins 3-1)-Omerta (ELP-USA) vs. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX):

KOFXII Tournament Matches!!!!!

Winners Bracket:

Omerta (ELP-USA) vs. RJ (AI-USA):

Dark Geese (USA/CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Tone! (NorCal-USA):

Winners Semis:

RJ (AI-USA) vs. Reynald (AI-USA):


Dark Geese (USA/CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Mr. KOF (AI-USA)

Losers Bracket:

Omerta (ELP-USA) vs. Mr. KOF (AI-USA):

Tone! (NorCal-USA) vs. RJ (AI-USA):

Losers Semis:

Mr. KOF (AI-USA) vs. RJ (AI-USA):

**Winners Finals DVD Preview Match: Dark Geese (USA/CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Reynald (AI-USA):**

**Losers Finals DVD Preview Match: Dark Geese (USA/CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Mr. KOF (AI-USA):**

That’s enough for now!!! You should now have quite a bit to review!


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