Finally… XII 360 is getting the patch

You saw the twitter update on the right hand side of this page?? Bla bla bla, unforeseen delays, but now approval has landed!? The 360 patch for KOF XII will be hitting the remaining loyal fans any day now!

However… judging by the comments left on the facebook page, most of the 360 fans got fed up and sold or traded in their copy.? A lot are now going off to Tekken 6.? Unfortunately, Tekken 6 also (so far) lags online.? That’ll teach em!

If you’ve been smart, and kept your 360 XII, hang on for a just a bit longer and you’ll get the update!? Then you can come online and endure minor lag input like the PS3 users!? Remember- if you see blue, ADD AS FRIEND, for a near arcade experience!

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