Games: KOF02UM, KOFXIII, Street fighter 3rd strike, KOF98, KOF96, RBFF2, Last blade 2, Ninja master’s, Garou:MOTW, Street fighter Alpha 3, Magical Drop III, Tekken 6

Favourite Characters:KOF:(Xiangfei, Hinaku, Yamazaki, Kula, Chizuru) – Sf (Hugo, Karin) – Ninja Master’s (Unzen) – Tekken (Ganryu)

Country: North Sudan but lives in Dubai, UAE

Likes: Chemicals, marathon Running, wierd fg characters and gold medals

Dislikes: Stupidity, Hwa Jai’s air loops, boring cheap defensive gameplay..!

Favourite match: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9fH03kkk6k

Future goals: getting rich then travelling to participate on some world wide major tournaments

Would like you to know: I only play good on arcade cabinets

Track Record


KOF02UM: Ramadan’11┬átournament: 1st KOF02UM

National tournament: 1st KOF02UM

Tagteams: 2nd KOF02UM

SC tournament: 2nd

SFIII Ramadan ’11 tournament: 2nd

KOFXIII Battlegrounds tournament: 1st

KOFXIII 1st Bp tournament: 2nd

Twitter: yamazaky96

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yamazaky

Youtube: youtube.com/user/yamazaky96

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