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Haregoro - Tennkawa P - Myu

Haregoro – Tennkawa P – Myu






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Country: Japan

Favourite characters: Ash, Duo Lon, Shen

Likes: San Culotte

Dislikes: Saiki

Favourite match: Duelling the KOF 12th Season KOF13 Climax Top 8’s 3rd match

Future Goals: To win at tournaments!

Would like you to know: I’m known for being good at my favorite character Ash, but it comes as a result from practicing uncountable hours every day. I hope everyone uses their favorite characters, weak or not!

Track Record:

  • Duelling the KOF 12th Season KOF13 CL Best 8

Twitter: @tennkawa1989



Thx Prof for corrections