Hi, my name is GADRI Kheirredine aka GTKheirro, I’m a player from Algeria, I’m 35 years old. I’ve been playing KOF since 94 & I’m still supporting SNK till the end! I also play MKX & SF5. I want to improve my community by attending tournaments & helping others to get better by sharing my experience & giving advice.


Played games : KOF XIV – Street Fighter V – Mortal Kombat X

Favorite characters : Ash Crimson – Elizabeth Branctorche – Yashiro Nanakase – Crimson Viper.

Country : Algeria

Likes : peaceful places

Dislikes : Noise

Future goals : making podcasts to help new players to get good & commenting tournaments.

Records :
• VEGT N°2 2015 – KOFXIII (1st)
• VEGT N°3 2015 – MKX (2nd)
• VEGT 2016 – KOFXIII (1st)
• Dzair Battle Zero – SF5 (5th)
• Dz Geekcon 2016 – SF5 (5th)

Twitter :

Facebook :

Youtube :

Steam ID : Gilgamesh (KOFXIII & XIV) – Goultard (SFV)



Still training on KOF14!

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