jessica frenxiGames: KOF, MARVEL, STREET4, CROSS TEKKEN, KOF 13
Favourite Characters: Kula, Hwa
Country: French Guyana
Likes: kof, specially when i play Kula
Dislikes: camper game like street
Favourite match: evo final kof bala against madkof
Future goals: just have fun when i play
Would like you to know: Kula is top tier!!!!!!

Track Record:

1st Street Fighter 4 Battle Guyana Games Cup

3rd Street Fighter 4 Battle Guyana Games Cup
3rd Marvel Vs Capcom 3

1st ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 battle guyana games cup
1st street fighter cross tekken
3rd Mortal Kombat 9

2nd super street fighter 4ae 2012 Sana fest (brazilian tournament in fortaleza)
3rd ultimate marvel vs capcom 3

top 8 kof 13 VXG

top 16 kof in solo and 3e in team kof @ IVGC
1st kof 13 Elita gaming cup

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