Games: DOA5U, VF5FS, SF4

Favourite Characters: Lei Fang, Leon, Sarah, Kage, Juri, Dhalsim, Athena, Benimaru, and the whole Orochi team (both versions).

Country: Saudi Arabia

Likes: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, The 5th Element, Batman

Dislikes: Any music from 2000 onward, long lines at the bank, how they ruined SCV.

Favourite match: Capo (Yu) 2 vs 2 Emperor Cow (Dh) SSF4AE 3v3 WinnerStaysOn Grand Final Pt2 Set 3 Match 5

Future goals: scoring goals

Would like you to know:
– I’m interested in making video content (Tutorials, combo vids, match breakdowns) to support the games that I love and find worth my time. This interest has recently shifted towards DOA5U, but its not the only game I play.
– Sick and tired of games with never ending combos and silly comeback mechanics, I miss the good ol’ days with dry fighting and nothing but 2 life bars on the screen.


Youtube: /EMPER0RC0W

Track Record:

  • UC2 2nd place SSF4
  • WSO 3v3 Team tourney 1st place SSF4AE
  • SVB 2012 2nd place DOA5
  • A bunch of top 4s, 8s and top 16s here n there.. cant remember.

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