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Games: UMvC3 & KoF13
Favourite Characters: Necro, Ash, Rock, Geese, Leona
Country: Sweden & Norway
Likes: Hiding & Killing
Dislikes: Eventhubs
Favourite match: SBO Justin Wong vs Kuroda 3s
Future goals: Get top placing at EVO
Would like you to know:

Official biggest troll in Swedish FGC ever since I became a top player in Sweden
Track Record
RFD 1st place MvC3
WGC 2012 & 2013 3v3 1st place MvC3 & UMvC3.
EVO 17th place UMvC3,
Shadowloo 2013 EU Qualifier 1st place UMvC3,
RFD2 3rd place KoF 13
Twitter: bubblanAB7
Facebook: Sebastian Kappelin


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