Games: KOF 13, AE

Favourite Characters: Vice, Gen

Country: Scotland, United Kindom

Likes: Vodka, Jumping, Combos using my entire meter bar at once

Dislikes: Vortexes, Tier Obession, Roundhouse Kicks

Favourite match: Flocker vs Viscant, Marvel vs Capcom 3

If anything just for that hilarious finish

Future goals: To help promote the Scottish FGC through consisent result in my games, as well as other communities throughout the UK

Would like you to know: I play exclusively on an Xbox controller, analogue stick.

Track Record

Event: Play Expo Capcom Cup

Position: AE 5th place

Event: Hypespotting 2

Position: KOF 13 2nd Place

Event: Teesports

Position: KOF 13 1st Place AE 2nd Place

Event: Proving Grounds 2

Position: KOF 13 2nd Place