CafeID Korea vs Japan

Many Japanese players couldn’t attend but we still have some big names such as Haregoro, Nagihe, Koukou, Myu and Shoki!   Here’s the full team listing, thx to MadKOF’s rep     1p: DaeHwan Kim Kensouzzang 5, Myung Gu Kang (Lacid) 5, Dal-Tong 5, Mad Kof 5 2p: himojou ,…

(updated) Mago vs Dune KOF XIII KCE????????

MCZ|Mago vs|Dune!!! Check it out! You’ll need a Nico Nico account or MMCafe’s viewer. KOF XIII KCE?????????????????????? ? ??????(??). Part 2: part 3 : Thx Freezer for parts 2 & 3!