Top tier Sushi: Matsuri

bluefin-sushi-otoro-bIt’s all about the Tuna. Red. Fatty. Maguro. Nigiri. Roll = fail. Sashimi = gluttonous.?? I love sushi.? But I love Tuna Nigiri more.? Read on if you want to know where to eat good sushi in London.

We visited Matsuri on High Holborn.? Noticing that the teppanyaki was something like ?70 with a choice of only 3 courses, we decided to stick to sushi.? Oh what a lovely mistake. Continue reading “Top tier Sushi: Matsuri”

KOF XII First Impressions

I walked down the stairs partly holding my breath, hoping they had fixed the machine. A sigh and a grin, as I saw the KOF XII machine on, with Garth whacking away on the buttons. I noticed 1P was free, what luck – but just as I was about to drop in my pound – “Button A is broken”. WTF. I mean, seriously, what the hell! A brand new game, which is drawing in players that would normally stay at home – and considering the console release Continue reading “KOF XII First Impressions”

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